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Not Quite Right For Us showcases innovative and diverse writers from under-represented communities, reflecting on experiences of outsiderness and their defiance against it. Celebrating ten years of the literature organisation Speaking Volumes, Not Quite Right For Us is a cri du coeur, a warning shot, an affirmation, an education in forty works. The anthology will resonate with readers who understand where it’s coming from, or who are allied to its purpose, or — hopefully — who are ready for some unexpected empathy. Available from all good bookshops, or order from

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Family

    In this episode we hear ‘The Nod’ by Joshua Idehen ‘Prodigal’ by Maame Blue, and ‘Bodies’ by Shagufta Sharmeen Tania. Our guide is writer, curator and producer Amina Jama.   We take family ...


  2. Childhood

    Our early years should be carefree, stress-free, worry-free. Yet all too often we’re made to feel ‘not quite right’ in some way, whether that’s because of the way we dress, the music we like — or, more insidiously, because of the colour of our skin. School days bring ...


  3. Work

    When is a job ‘not quite right’? For Colin Grant it was when he encountered structural racism in the heart of the BBC establishment; for Johny Pitts, it was when he learned the hard lesson that the 1990s wasn’t a post-racial world; and for Fergal Harte’s narrator, it’s ...


  4. YesterdayToday

    In these days of restrictions, the quieter, slower pace of the world is a good time to reflect on how our yesterdays have created what we are today. From the personal trials of overcoming prejudice and creating ground-breaking, often lonely, paths, to the political decisions to stand up ...


  5. Friends

    Friends, the people we choose to let into our lives, can be a joy and give us the support we need … but they can also make us feel ‘not quite right’. From the bonds and ties of friendships that develop over years or decades, to relationships forged ...