June 26, 2021 00:23:00
Not Quite Right For Us

Jun 26 2021 | 00:23:00


Show Notes

Looking back at history and relating it to today helps us all reach for tomorrow. Although things may have been ‘not quite right’ at one time or another (or even now) there is always hope — and there are always things we can do to come together to make real change.


Today & Tomorrow collide as our three unflappable authors shake off the burdens of the present; examine and explore today’s unequal world with precision, instinct and guile; and re-imagine a different (better?) future. With expert guidance from Adelaide Ivanova, poems by Laniyuk and Francesca Beard, and memoir by Nazneen Khan-Østrem this podcast features new work from three acclaimed authors, who each dissect today’s problems, and in their own way argue for a more hopeful tomorrow.


Celebrating ten years of Speaking Volumes, Not Quite Right for Us is a warning shot, an affirmation, an education ...


In forty short stories, poems and essays — by turns wry, gentle, furious, humorous, passionate, analytical and elliptical — these forty writers, new and established, speak volumes, invoking their experiences of outsiderness and their defiance against it.


In this episode we’ll hear … ‘97% Cotton’ by Laniyuk; ‘This is England, but Not For Me’ by Nazneen Khan-Østrem and ‘Alien’ by Francesca Beard. Our guide is poet, author and community organiser Adelaide Ivanova.


Not Quite Right for Us is a stellar new anthology which explores the many ways we’ve all been made to feel ‘not quite right’ at some time or another.

Recorded in collaboration with Speaking Volumes.
The anthology is available at all good bookshops, or order from Flipped Eye Publishing.
If you enjoyed this episode of NQRFU, try London by Lockdown: a podcast about falling in love with a new city in the middle of a pandemic; remaining curious and open; and about making it work. Available on all podcast platforms or our website.


Music composed by Dominique Le Gendre
Narration by Lucy Hannah
Music & SFX by Epidemic Sound
Image by Mona Eendra on Unsplash

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